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How To Work With Crystals On A Deeper Level


I get asked all the time about how to actually work with your crystals and use them.

This is completely dependent on what you want to use them for, so with this is mind I'm going to list some options on how to work with your crystals on a deeper level, instead of for example just carrying them around.

This section will also tie in nicely with the money corner and the manifestation section. 

The money corner section goes deeper into how you can use your crystals around your home to being in abundance and money and the manifestation section will outline how to use crystals and incorporate them into your manifestation daily/weekly/or monthly routines.

In this next section I will list some examples of how to use your crystals ons a deeper lever and exercises you can practice when working more closely with them.

As time goes on I will continue to add to this section as and when it is requested. For the time being here are a few tips.

Crystal Meditation Excercises

When you receive a new crystal have you ever, or have you ever thought about meditating with your new crystals?

Meditation with new crystals is said to enhance your connect and open you up to a better understanding of what that particular crystal can do for you personally.

Many people report to seeing clear visions during meditation with crystals, with some even stating that they can actually communicate with them!

The most important thing here is too have enjoyment! if its not bringing anything to the table for you then don't sweat it! everyone is different and unique! Our connection/experiences and what we use crystals for is completely down to preference and and crystals are no different.

If this is something you'd like to try, id suggest going onto you tube or Spotify and finding a nice 528hz meditation frequency music to ease into with. sit, holding the crystal you want to work with or lay down and place the crystal upon its corresponding chakra and give it try that way.

Let me know if you give it try, what comes up for you? if anything at all! Id love to hear your story's!!

See what comes up for you. You you get anything out of the experience.

Sleep Connection For Dream Enhancement.

Ok so my opinion on sleeping with crystals is hugely controversial the majority of crystal Healers and therapists will say

"ut uh! absolutely not!, don't do it"

Well,....... Mrs Unpopular opinion over here loves sleeping with different crystals under my pillow. I love to explore the different dream possibilities with different crystals and also, sometimes, really good stuff can come to the surface when this is done. I have actually healed hidden childhood trauma from sleeping with a particular, it brought up deep rooted memories for me that my brain had told me I wasn't allowed to think about any more as a trauma response.

Now I understand that, that, in itself may seem traumatising to some of you. For me it was an incredible journey and a step closer to healing something that i didn't even know I needed to heal!

If its something you want to do, then don't let anyone tell you not too. we all have freedom of choice, so if its something that intrigues you then go for it!!!

The first day I received my moldavite in the post, that night I placed it on my chest and feel asleep with it. And when I say I had the most insane dream....I mean I HAD THE MOST INSANE DREAM! it was the craziest thing (in terms of dream world) that I 1) Actually remembered and 2) EVER experienced!

So in my opinion, Sleeping with crystals has allowed me to connect with them on a deeper level and Its something really enjoy.

I would also just like to clarify that i do this with one crystal at a time for periods of up to a month. I'm not led in bed with a crystal army under my sheets!!

Side Note!!!.....If you have lots of crystals around your head while you are sleeping

(for example on a bed side table next to your bed)

and you have been struggling to sleep or your experiencing insomnia then please move them!!! The conflicting different energy's will be causing havoc with your energy resulting in restless sleep patterns.

A rule of thumb would be to group your crystals together via colour tones and pallets!

For example: all the pinks together, all the blacks together, all the blues together. 

Now.....certain crystals of different colour pallets and tones "can" also amplify and work in unison, I understand this is conflicting information to the previous paragraph, so my advise would be to stick to grouping colours together unless you have been advised by a crystal practitioner/healer/therapist on which crystals would specifically benefit you by placing them together, or you have researched it yourself to gain access and knowledge to this information. If you do have lots of crystals around your head and it doesn't effect you at all then "you do you boo!" No change required!

Crystals for insomnia and sleep issues are best placed in the bedroom by your bed. Its best to have these crystals solo so your not mixing energies together that could cause confusion or a conflict of interest resulting in the opposite of what you had them there to help you with in the first place!

I hope that's clear enough and i have covered all my bases!!

If you have any questions at all please just pop me a message and I will be happy to help! That's what I'm here for!!

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