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Image by Karsten Winegeart

Story Of Atlantis and Lemuria.

 My favourite story of alllll time! The accent story of the hidden tales of Lemuria.

The magical story there is to tell.

In this section we dive deep into the legends of Atlantis, Their knowledge, Way of life, Hidden codes, and the gift they left us within the magical codded lemurian quartz.

The legend of Lemuria is an ancient, lost civilisation that existed before and during the time of Atlantis. It was also referred to as "Mu" or "The mother of Mu" at the peak of its Civilisation.

Lemurian People were incredibly spiritual and a highly evolved beings, and it was considered where heaven really was a place on earth!

Lemuria goes back in time, as far as (approx) 14,000 years! 

They lived in complete peace and harmony! Everyone was equal, all were healers, No one was ever hungry or without shelter, they lived as though they were one, in complete unison, with the land and one another. These holy beings were connected so deeply to the land around them. They were able to communicate via telepathy.

It is believed that Lemuria existed within Hawaii, the South Pacific islands, Easter Island, Figi, New Zealand, Asia and in Australia.

The Lemurians become aware of a life altering event that would put this beautiful civilisation at catalytic risk.

Lemurians knew that they had keys to ancient knowledge and wisdom that future generations would need to unlock hundreds and thousands of years into the future. With this in mind they prepared and began spreading their teachings about earth and mankind's history to as many people as possible!

They believed if this knowledge was spread to as many beings as possible, that the information would be stored into the cells and DNA of the human body's for centuries to come. This would ensure that all the knowledge and technologies would be protected and never forgotten.

While the Lemurians prepared for this event they also began to store the hidden knowledge into quartz seed crystals. These beautiful, mystical crystals would later be called the "Lemurian Seed Quartz" (which we all know it as today) 

These crystals were also imbedded and coded with all the hidden knowledge, The crystals were taken deep within the earth to be stored, preserved and waiting until mother earth decided that the time was divinely right for them to be found and discovered. 

Some of these crystals are said to enlighten a new generation of children, awakened psychic children.

It is also said that the ancient Lemurians planted detailed maps of the underground tunnels that existed on the power points and grids of our plant.

This was all a very meticulous plan, they know that they would receive a divine sign informing them of the flood arrivals and it would inform them whenever it was time to go underground.

They prepared themselves for thousands of years, passing on the knowledge from generation to generation. The beings knew how important it was for this information to be held and saved for when the water flood came. If the knowledge was lost, it would mean the entire history of earth and its teachings of the advanced world would have been lost and gone forever!

They were the sacred keepers. They held knowledge on the keys to creation and the mathematical code of GOD. Using geometry, advanced technology,  crystals, crystal gridding and geometry, they were able to create vortex's to connect back to god.

The day came where the Lemurians received the sign they had been patiently waiting for, the flood was just 1 year away and it was time for them to move underground in preparation for the next steps.

Some were believed to have fled to other islands and attempted to integrate with the rest of the planet some people even say that some of the lemurian's became stone people.

Whilst the majority of the Lemurians adapted to living underground and built communities deep into the earths core.

Some of these underground areas have even been found by archaeologists in recent times.

The flood came and everyone underground were safe. Many people on the surface were wiped out. When the waters eventually left, the Lemurians were ready to once again rise and come back to the earths suffice. The land they once knew was very different. The mergence from the earth is the point of which the native Americans creation of history began, with most of the native people loosing the memory, however within the highest ranks of the shamans this knowledge is still passed on to this day.

Image by Fábio Hanashiro

Discovering The Hidden Knowledge of Lemurian.

We are so extremely lucky to be a generation of people that are able to experience and embody the beauty of the lemurian seeded quartz crystal. I personally feel extremely Blessed!

These crystals were said to only be found once humanity was ready to receive the hidden codes and information within them, so, we must be ready! I know I am!!

As stated in the story of Lemuria above, It is said Hidden knowledge was coded within the striations of these magical crystals so that one day the wisdom within them would be discovered once again. The crystals are believed to have the ability to help us remember that we are all of "ONE" consciousness and beings of divine peace and love.

This makes these magical beauty's perfect meditation crystals. I would also try maybe sleeping with one under your pillow, are you able to access and tap into any of this magical knowledge?

I'd love to hear any of your experiences using the seeded lumerian quartz.

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