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Crystal Money Corner For Your Home.

In This Section I Will Explain How To Set Up a Crystal Money Corner In Your Home.

What's a money corner?

According Fung Shui having a crystal money corner in your home brings unlimited money and abundance!

(Who doesn't want to get in on some of that!)

My passion has always been crystals, and when I designed and made this website, I didn't just want to load it full of crystal gorgeousness for you to purchase, I wanted to create a community and for it to be used as a "go too" hub of information that people could come too to get other nuggets of tips and tricks within the crystal world.

And creating a money corner in your home is definitely up there on my excitement gage! with that being said, lets dive in on how to create this in your home!

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What's a Money Corner?

One of the most popular feng shui topics is wealth. There’s even a corner of your home that corresponds to your prosperity and abundance. You can learn about how to find and activate the money corner (or wealth corner) of your home using a tool in feng shui called the bagua. The bagua is an energetic map that is laid over a space, and it’s divided into a three-by-three grid, with eight areas around a centre. 

Your home is a reflection of your life, and the bugua is one of the tools that feng shui practitioners use to better understand this connection. Each of the areas of the bagua corresponds to a particular aspect of life, such as relationships, career, knowledge, and yes, even your financial prosperity. This particular area is called "Xun" in Chinese and is also known as the wealth or money corner. This position relates to your financial wealth and abundance, as well as the prosperity of all kinds. It also represents self-worth, which is deeply connected to material wealth: Our ability to receive wealth and abundance is determined in part by how we value ourselves.

For example, you might not be making as much money as you want because you’re not in a supportive career, or you are lacking helpful people in your life who can help you attain your goals. In those cases, you might not need to work on wealth directly; it might be more helpful to focus on improving your career or inviting more helpful people into your life.

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How To Set Up A Money Corner.

To find the wealth corner of your home, stand at the entrance of your front door, facing in, and look to locate the far left corner.

To make this easier, you can also create a wealth corner in your bedroom/office. In this instance, you would stand at the main entrance of the bedroom/office looking in. So the far left corner would be the wealth corner of your bedroom/office. 

Once you’ve located the wealth corner, have a look at what’s happening there. Is it empty? or messy? Think about what this could represent metaphorically. These things can unconsciously contribute to any lack or neglect in this area. 

Ok so now you have located your wealth corner, lets dive into which crystals will help usher in all those abundance energies!!

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Which Crystals Are Best For Using In Your Money Corner?

 Amethyst is a great addition to the wealth area because of its purple colour, and because it resonates with the feeling of abundance. It can also invoke feelings of spiritual abundance, which goes hand in hand with material wealth.

Pyrite is an energetic brassy mineral known as ‘Fool’s Gold’. But there’s nothing foolish about it when it comes to manifestation of abundance, as it packs a real punch.

Citrine, as The Lucky Merchant’s Stone, is often associated with financial success in business – and it’s one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting money. It’s not just useful for overcoming roadblocks to earning money, but to keeping it too.

Green aventurine is thought to bring back money that may have been spent unwisely. While it can’t do this directly – your monetary decisions are always your own responsibility – it can help you to grasp opportunities that otherwise may have slipped away.

Green jade’s healing energy can dissolve any limitations holding you back – especially those related to not being worthy enough to receive money.

Tiger’s eye has an all-knowing ability to bring dreams and intentions into reality. This will help you to move your career forward and bring luck if starting a new business.

Peridot has a light, positive energy used to boost a desired outcome. This can be almost anything, but is often related to money.

Clear quartz is a powerful amplifying crystal. It can be attuned to any intention, including money, and also acts as an amplifier when near other crystals.

Malachite is a  beautiful deep green gemstone and is especially powerful at removing negative energies. It’s also thought to protect against misfortune, which is important when wishing to be wealthy.

Amazonite this crystal is as powerful as its name suggests. By dissipating energy blockages, Amazonite can help bring positive feelings and work-ethic to any financial venture.

And last but by no means least, I always add some Rose Quartz for all those loving and support energies.