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How To Set Up A Sacred Space.

Buddha Statues Carved into Mountainside

Setting up a sacred space can be in any place that you deem appropriate.

Some people like to set up a corner in the bedroom and others, in the garden.

You may be someone that doesn't have a great deal of options and terms of space, and that's fine too. You can still set up a beautiful sacred area in the most smallest and limiting of places.

In this section I will give you some tips of where to start. Please remember this is your space and ultimately your decision in what feels most comfortable to you.

This is going to ideally be an area where you can quiet yourself and your mind, some where you can relax and take 5 whenever you need to ground yourself, or even meditate and reflect.

Studying at Home

A sacred space is ideally somewhere you can relax, meditate, reflect and ground yourself.

This space will somewhere you can go to meditate, journal, brain storm, get inspired, relax, escape, balance and ground yourself, connect with your crystals, Do a tarot reading for yourself, manifest, set goal, and have some inexcusable and vital "you time."

You can 

You want place items in there that will make you feel relaxed and calm.

this will be depend on space. but here we will go through some items that will help create an ambience for you, somewhere you will want to be in all the time!

Here are a list of items that can help you set up the ultimate space in your home.

Large cushion

Large Throw



Plants to bring the outside, inside


tarot deck


Journal and pencil/pen


You don't have to have any of these items but the suggestions are a great starting point. 

Base your space all around how you want it to look, what makes you feel good, a certain colour or décor scheme.

Pinterest is a great starting point as well, it allows you to grab some visuals and ideas of the possible set up ideas for inspiration.