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Yttrium Rainbow Fluorite Tower From Brazil

Yttrium Rainbow Fluorite Tower From Brazil

Yittrium Fluorite Crystal Tower - Lavender Fluorite Tower Point Crystal - Brazil - Brazilian Fluorite Point - Local UK - Yttrium Crystal Uk

Style F

Beautiful Rare Lavender Fluorite. Also known as Yittrium

Currently only found in mine in the world, Mexico.

These beauties were hand carved in Brazil.

Lots of different sizes available to fit all budgets.

This crystal is an investment piece due to it being rare and only available in one mine in the whole of the world!!

A gorgeous piece to keep for anyone's collection!!

Lavender Fluorite has vitrium minerals in them instead of calcium which changed the colour and makes it a beautiful pastel shade instead of the bright and vibrate rainbow flourite!

A spiritual Crystal that will help with exploring your spiritual journey, the meaning of life and your purpose.

Fantastic meditation piece.

Will help you discover your goals in life.

Linked to the Crown chakra, and the Soul Star Chakra.





Set Intensions

These are on the more expensive side in terms of price, however due to the rarity of them and the fact they are only currently sourced in one mine, the value will hold, if not increase over time. making them a great investment piece.

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