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XXL 4.2kg Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

XXL 4.2kg Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

XXL 4.2kg Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster - Clear Quartz Natural Points - Statement Crystal Gemstone - Ethically Sourced From Brazil - Local

This beautiful statement piece from Brazil is completely raw and natural.
Dawning a beautiful Huge Clear Quartz Point, and clusters of smaller points.

Weighs 4.2kg
27cm in length

Clear Quartz Properties:

This crystal will enable you get some clear clarity on a soul level.
It will help filter your mind and get rid of any fog your unsure of, indecisive on or lost on.
It will help align you and strengthen your connections.
Your be able to get crystal clear on all matters with this one.

Linked to the third eye and crown chakra.

Sourced from Brazil

Each crystal comes with an information sheet on its properties and also a cleansing your crystals info sheet.

All of the Crystal's sold at emimoon crystals are from "enthically safe" sources, whom I am in regular contact with to personally make sure that the standards are constantly with held and adhered too. I am very passionate about this and ensure I only source crystals from suppliers that can ensure this policy and also have this high standard of safety.

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