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Ritile With Grey Phantom Quartz Mini Point

Ritile With Grey Phantom Quartz Mini Point

Ritile With Grey Phantom Quartz Mini Point - Phantom Quartz From Brazil - Mini Point Crystal - White Phantom Quartz Crystal - Ethically Sourced- Uk - E

Style E

Ritile with Grey phantom quartz is an amazing stone that is believed to possess many metaphysical properties.

Rutile crystals are known for their ability to amplify one’s spiritual awareness and help with connecting to the divine. They are said to bring strength and balance to the bearer and help them let go of their fears and worries. Rutile crystals are also believed to aid in manifestation and help one focus on their goals and manifest them into reality. They have been used to help boost one’s creativity and to help make decisions. Rutile crystals also help to bring clarity to the mind and to find peace and joy in life.

It is said to be a powerful stone for healing, helping to clear and balance the body's energy fields.

It is believed to be an effective grounding stone, helping to bring the mental, emotional, and physical bodies back into alignment.

It is also thought to be beneficial for enhancing spiritual development, helping to connect the user to their highest self and their spiritual guides.

Grey phantom quartz is also said to be beneficial for amplifying the effects of other healing stones, as well as helping to clear negative energies from a spac

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