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Raw Purple Lepidolite Mica

Raw Purple Lepidolite Mica

Raw Lepidolite Purple Mica Crystal

From Brazil

This crystal forms in a truly stunning way, they remind me of mermaid scales as they are full of sheen and silver flash!

Lepidolite is a fantastic crystal for clearing electromagnetic pollution.

It is a great crystal to have close to a working space next to a phone, computer, laptop or iad, as it will soak up any emf fog!

When lepidolite is in mica form its properties are amplified as it comes in its true state.

This crystal is great for clearing blockages, getting rid of any negativity you may be holding.

It helps to open up the throat chakra for clear and straight to the point communication.

Allowing the heart, third eye and crown chakra to open.

Lepidolite reduces stress and depression and can help relieve obsessive thoughts.

Let of the past, its no longer serving you and allow the new to usher in with this beauty!

Lepidolite also has natural lithium in it, this incredible ingredient is also used in antidepressants and anxiety mediation. This bares as a natural homeopathic remedy as apposed to taking medication.

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