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Prasiolite Tower Crystal - H

Prasiolite Tower Crystal - H

Prasiolite Tower Crystal

Prasiolite was once amethyst, which has been heated in a laboratory at 500 degree to change the colour from purple to a beautiful green hue.

Prasiolite is linked to the root and the heart chakra.

A prosperity crystal that can help to increase energy.

It will usher in rejuvenating energy that will nurture and usher in growth.

A transformative crystal, which will push you to let of the past.

Bringing in abundance and good fortune.

A great choice if you struggle with anxiety or past trauma.

All crystals at emimoon crystals are ethically sourced from all around the world. I have a close relationship with all my suppliers and their families to ensure that all members involved in the mining process are safe and treated well to ensure all safety measures are upheld on a regular basis.

If you have any questions please ask away!!

join us on instagram @emimoon_crystals where we go live every month to bring you beauties from around the world. it gives you the opportunity to view crystals up close and personal.

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