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My First Crystals Childrens Set

My First Crystals Childrens Set

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8 crystals to help your child with balancing emotions, feelings, life obstacles and day to day energys.

Each crystal has been selected and complements each individual chakra activation.

Pack includes:

X1 Amethyst - this crystal will help encourage sleep and help to stop nightmares.

X1 Sodalite - this crystal can help calm. Its been suggested to use this crystal to help symptoms of ADHD. A calming stone that helps assist thinking clearly. Can help with Anxiety and stress.

X1 Aventurine for joy and happiness, Calms anger and promotes a positive easy going attitude.

X1 Amazonite calming energies that will bring confidence and courageX1 Black Tourmaline - this crystal is the protector. It can help calm stress and worry and protect against negative energy. A grounding Crystal

X1 Rose Quartz - the ultimate crystal for love in all departments of life.

X1 Clear Quartz raw shard point - an all rounder crystal balancing.

X1 Tigers Iron - this crystal helps if your child tends to soak up others energy, feelings or emotions, helping to redirect those energy's into a more grounding and stable energy.

X1 Cleansing and intension instructions.

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