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Heulandite Specimen Crystal

Heulandite Specimen Crystal

Peach Heulandite crystals are highly vibrational crystals.

This beautiful specimen features heulandite, chalcedony, stilbite and jasper.

Great crystal for meditation.

Heulandite will promote an altered state of awareness and assist you in accessing and visualizing ancient knowledge.

It will also help you access your Akashic records.

Sourced consciously from a beautiful family i have become very close to in India.


Connected to the crown, heart and 3rd eye chakra.

Brings nature like energies into your home, purifies any toxic environments.

Ushers in personal growth.


Carry the vibrations of higher realms, divine angelic energies.


Think more clearly, a great crystal to build your intuition.

It will assist in bringing your creative side out, helping any mental blocks you maybe experiencing.

It has balancing and calming energies.

A grounding crystal that will release suppressed emotions for deep soul healing.

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