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Green Phoenix Stone Sphere Crystal

Green Phoenix Stone Sphere Crystal

Green phoenix stone in quartz - also known as phoenix pie stone.


Beautiful handful of carved phoenix stone sphere crystal.


Style E 


Beautiful detailing.


phoenix stone is a very spiritual crystal associated with clarity and psychic information.

phoenix stone is believed to bring inner strength, courage and help us to cope with stressful situations.


It is also beneficial on an intellectual level, helping us to remember and understand large amounts of information.


phoenix stone is a stone of intuition, mediumship, and psychic abilities. This copper silicate offers up clarity of the mind, heart, and throat, creating an ever strong connection that allows one speak the highest truths.


phoenix stone is a silicate stone that has a high copper content.

It's usually opaque and blue in colour, with shades ranging from light to dark. When polished the right way, phoenix stone forms patterns of red and blue that can surpass the beauty and elegance of the turquoise gemstone!

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