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Green Moonstone Palmstone Crystal - E

Green Moonstone Palmstone Crystal - E

Green Moonstone Crystal Palmstone - Green Moonstone Gemstone Palm - Moonstone - Devine Feminine - Moon Rituals - Gift Idea - Reiki - UK E

Beautiful Green Moonstone Palmstone Crystal.

Moonstone is known as the devine feminine crystal.

A beautiful gemstone that is centred around all things female.

Moonstone is also a great companion to have near during new moons or if you practice moon rituals.

Green moonstone properties....

Feminine goddess energy.

Brings emotional balance.

Love energies.

Brings compassion.

Helps rid emotional trauma.

Heals the heart.

Helps with grief and pain.

Ushers in freedom, breaking free from emotional, mental chains.

Great crystal to have if you have a high pressure or stressful job role.

Helps anxieys.

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