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Ethiopian Welo Opal Crystal

Ethiopian Welo Opal Crystal

Ethiopian Welo Opal Crystal - Water Opal - Raw Opal Crystal - Welo Opal With Jar - Opal Gemstone - Ethically Sourced - Local UK - Opal UK

Style A

Beautiful Raw Ethiopian Welo Opal With Jar For Water.

All Welo Opals will come with a small Jar to keep the Opal wet.

You do not have to keep the welo opal in the water. Simply pop the Opal back into the water if it looks dehydration or lacks it's luster glow.

These Opals are truly beautiful! They have the most incredible rainbows the flash and glow!

Ethiopian Opal properties:

Supports love

Supports spiritual development

Emotional healing

Heart chakra

Open the heart


Psychic and mystical vision

Cosmic consciousness

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