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Chinese Lucky Coin With Lucky Red Envelope

Chinese Lucky Coin With Lucky Red Envelope

Price is for x1 lucky coin and x1 red pouch.

Lucky Chinese Coin Feng Shui - Lucky Coin - Wealth - Abundance - Good Luck - Prosperity - Wealth Corner - Manifestation Tool - Local UK

Meaning of Chinese coins Feng Shui

The currency of ancient China, Chinese Feng Shui coins, represent wealth and abundance. In Chinese symbols of good fortune, these coins are on the top 8 items of the list, including stone chime, mirror, book, rhinoceros horn, lozenge, pearl, and leaf.

Where should I place my feng shui coins?

You should place feng shui coins at the front door or near your front door. These coins attract wealth and prosperity for families.

Chinese coins can be carried as powerful amulets for attracting wealth as well as protection. A set of nine coins (in total) is especially lucky. The coins are also amplified when hung on a gold chain or red cord.

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