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1:1 Crystal Consultation

1:1 Crystal Consultation

🙏  Welcome to Emimoon Crystals, I'm Emily, the proud owner, and my journey with crystals began at the age of 10. With a passion for their magic, I've dedicated myself to helping others unlock the transformative power of crystals.where personalized crystal consultations are tailored to your unique needs. 


😕Are you looking to start using crystals, but unsure of where to begin?

Lets be honest, its a crystal mind field out there! Look no further, ive got you covered.

Whether you're drawn to crystals for manifestation, career success, heart break, bringing in new love, or simply wishing to harness their positive vibrations, I'm here to guide through your personal, customized consultations We'll unearth the perfect crystals to align with your intentions and compliment your energy.


🌜Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the magical world of crystals.


🛒What you receive and my offerings during the consultation;


🎱After purchase I will send you a message via etsy or email (whichever you prefer) to arrange a day and time of convince to you where we can have a chat via message or email.


🔮We will have a chat to see if there is a particular area in your life that you would like to focus on.


🧿Some examples of this could be 
(but not inclusive of)

💛New love
💔Healing Heart break 
🖥Career success 
🧿Spiritual development 
💭Lucid dreaming 


Please allow upto 30 minutes for the consultation to finish 

Once I have taken enough details from you, I will go away and write up your personal crystal consultation report. (Please allow 2 working days for this)

This will be sent via your email and will be yours keep for future reference. There is no obligation or pressure to buy any crystals from me after the consultation. The price you are paying is for a consultation only.


Your personal crystal report will include: 


Intial (upto) 30 minute consultation via WhatApp message, Email or Wix Website Chat.
My crystal suggestions for you, curated from our personal chat.
A detailed report on Why I have chosen these particular crystals.
A detailed report on What the crystals can do for you energetically and how they can help.
A detailed report on How to use them.
A detailed report on Where to place them.
A detailed report on how to charge and cleanse them. 


Please note; This consultation is NOT for purchasing crystals, this is a taylor made digital  consultation report for people that are wanting to incorporate crystals into thier life style, whether it be "just because" or for a particular reason or season of your life. The report will be sent via your email address. 


Whether you consider yourself new to crystals, A beginner, intermediate or a professional, this report is for you! 

After you have received the report, it is yours keep and reference back to whenever you need to. 


If you would like to purchase the physical crystals from myself after you have recieved your report then you are more welcome to do so, however there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to buy from me at all. You are also more then welcome to purchase your crystals from another retailer should you chose too. This is a consultation only. 






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