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Making Moon Water

In This Section I Explain How To Make Moon Water.

Full Moon

How To Make And Incorporate New Moon Water into your ceremonies.

 In this section I explain how you can make moon water with crystals during a full moon.

Making Moon Water is mine and my daughter's favourite practices!! 

Moon water is a great natural elixir which helps us embody all those beautiful moon energies.

It powerful and helps us to harness the cleansing energies of the moon.

People have been drinking moon infused water for thousands of years to help promote spiritual and physical health.


You Will Need The Following Items:

* A Glass Jar or Bottle.

* Purified Spring or Distilled Water.

* Water Safe Crystals.

(Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz are safe starter crystals to place inside the water, you can also place crystals "around" the jar, rather then inside the water if your not sure.)

Step One: Fill your jar with water and close the lid.

Step Two: Hold the water, Bless it, and set your intensions into it.

Step Three: Place your water outside under the full moon over night.

Step Four: Its that simple!! The next morning your moon water will be ready to use in a number of different ways.

Here are some suggestions for your moon water:

* You can drink it to cleanse, heal, hydrate and empower.

* Use it to cleanse your water safe crystals.

* Add it to a salt bath to embody the ultimate self cleansing and self love bath soak.

* Use it to make essential oil sprays. 

* Water your plants with it.

 * Use it on your skin as a daily cleanse

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