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New/Full Moon Rituals/Ceremonies.

In this section I explain new/full moon rituals and how to do a moon release, how to make moon water and how to Charge and cleanse your crystals during a full moon

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Full Moon Release

New Moon - Full Moon

What is a moon release? and how does it work? In this section I explain how to do a full Moon/ New Moon intension and release ceremony.

Some people like to do new moon and full moon practices to release what is no longer serving them and usher in what they would like to welcome into their lives. After all, we consciously and unconsciously create our own lives with visions, manifestations and stories we tell ourselves. we create our own reality. Why not take advantage of this time to manifest with the moon cycles too.

This is aimed at people that have never done a moon ceremony/release before so we are going to start with the basics!

The deference between a new moon and full moon:

New Moon: Is a time to set your intensions, its the start of a new lunar cycle and a time for new beginnings. Use this period to really dig dip, what do you want? What are you hoping to manifest and bring in?

While the new moon sounds more appealing then the full moon, its so important to work on both, ying and yang energies need to work parallel with each other, one cant work without the other! So the universe is the limit when it cones to manifesting your desires but don't forget to release and surrender all the icky stuff your holding onto too!

Full Moon: Full moon is the highest point in the moon cycle and is a great time to bring in the peace, feelings tend to run high around this period of time so its a great opportunity to feel into them and release them. Forgive and release during a full moon. Set your intensions are surrender them.

So know you the difference between the two lets dive into how you can create and practice your own ceremony/release.

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Practices you can during a New Moon.

This is a very basic practice for any newbies out there that would like to give a new moon practice a try.

(side note, there is no right way, everyone is different and everyone has their own individual practices and routines that they follow)

You will find that the more you do this, the more you will find what sits right  and resonates with you and add to it if and when you feel necessary.

You will need the following items:

* A blank sheet of paper.

* A pencil

(I like to use a pencil because according to ancient wisdom, manifestations written in pencil, are more likely to come fruition)

* Clear Quartz Crystal (Optional)

* Some sage (Optional)

Step One:  Find a comfortable and quiet space in your home, somewhere you will not be disturbed.

Step Two: If you have some sage, cleanse your space and your clear quartz

(or other manifestation crystal of choice).

Step Three: Write down all your wishes, desires, manifestations. What do you wish to bring into your life? A new job maybe? A new home? A desired outcome from something your currently going through or a decision or outcome your waiting for?

Some people like to write it down as if they "asking" for these requests. I personally like to write them down as if they have already happened and I visual that they have happened already. Which ever you find best is fine!

Step Four: When you have finished, fold the piece of paper and hold it your heart.

Now is the time to thank the universe for your blessing.

say thank you (out loud, or in your head) x3 times.

Step Five: Take the folded piece of paper and place it some where, where it will be undisturbed for 28 days

(28 days being the full moon cycle) 

Place your clear quartz (or other chosen manifestation crystal) on top of it.

On the night before the next new moon, remove your crystal from the paper and open it, take some time to read and reflect what you wrote, you can see which manifestations came to light and which ones may need some more time. If you have some manifestations that do need some time, don't forget to include them in your net new moon ritual. never be disheartened if certain manifestations haven't came through for you yet, Rome wasn't built in a day remember! And on some occasions the universe may have bigger and better things lined up for you! 

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Practices you can do during a Full Moon

A basic practice for anyone that is new to Full/New Moon ceremony's. There is no right or wrong way of doing these, Every one is uniquely different, please take what resonates and add to it as you wish.

You will need the following items:

* A blank sheet of plain or lined paper.

* A pencil or pen.

* A chosen crystal to help comfort and support you during your release. some great suggestions are Selenite Moonstone and Amethyst just to name a couple.

* Sage for cleansing your space.

* Optional Candle and lighter.

Step One: Find a quiet/comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. Light a candle if you wish to do so.

Step Two: Sage cleanse the area you intend to use, ridding any negative energy that may be lingering.

Step Three: Get comfortable, set yourself up ready to relax, take some deep breathes in and out as you try and ground yourself.

Step Four: Once you feel calm and relaxed, take the piece of paper and pen and start by writing "I am releasing...../or I am letting go of......" and then start to write down a list of all the things that you would like to release during this full moon.

What's been bothering you? Are you holding onto any anger or resentment?

What limiting beliefs have you been telling yourself during this period? Have you been carrying around any Self doubt? What worries you are experiencing, problems that are not yours to carry? Get alllll of them down on the piece of paper! 

Its normal to have a flood of emotions come through while doing this, so allow yourself to feel into the process and try not to suppress anything that may come to the surface, we want to release these feeling, not suppress and push them down even more!!!

Purge, Purge, Purge!!

Step Five: Once you have your list sign and date it, read everything you have written down and say it with power and meaning!

For example " I release feelings of guilt around allowing myself to spent time on myself and my needs" or " I let go of the pressure to get things done within a strict timeline".

After this, take x3 deep breathes.

Step Six: Then take the piece of paper outside and light it visual in your minds eye that these problems and limitations are burning away.

(if lighting it is not possible then ripping the paper up into small pieces will be suffice)

Your instantly feel an empowering shift within your energy.

It a great way to clear the fog and you will find that these practices are so nurturing for your soul, your mental health and your well being!!

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Cleansing Your Crystals During a Full Moon.

Here I will explain how to cleanse and charge your crystals during a full moon and Which moons to avoid charging and cleansing your crystals on.

How To Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals During a Full Moon:

Step One:  Lay all your water safe (if its wet) crystals somewhere dry and safe outside during the evening. You can also place them on a window seal where the moon shines in and penetrates them, this is a safer option if you have unpredictable weather like we do, here in the UK.

Step Two: Leave your crystals over night to soak in and receive all those beautiful cleansing and charging moon energies.

.......And your done!!, its really that simple!!

Some people like to cleanse and charge from the moon on a monthly basis, others (like me) will only ever do this whenever I feel intuitivelly