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A Beginners Guides To Manifestation

Image by Emily Underworld

What is manifestation? And where to start....

When someone says "manifestation" to you, how does it make you feel? Are you a high vibing queen that is all over that shiz!? Or maybe your someone on the other end of spectrum that will totally disregard it as a bunch of woo woo craziness? Or are you someone that has recently come across the mention of manifestation but you have no idea where to start?
If you fall under any of these feelings (especially if your a non believer because i will try my utmost to change your mind) regardless of your thoughts and feelings around this topic i really urge you to continue reading because it truly is something that is excess able to us all!

Studying at Home

Lets's Rip The Band Aid Off!!

Before we get to the good stuff, lets dig deep and

How does it make you feel when i say that "You" are the creator of your own reality?

....Dont talk wet I hear you grumble under your breathe! But what if i was to then say, that those reactions and limiting beliefs are EXCATLY why you ( and only you!) are blocking your own abundance?? Not the crappy friends, or boyfriends, husbands or wives, Job, or lack of job.....but, you!!!! OUCH!!! 

so I have just ripped the band aid completely off! It stings for a few seconds doesnt it??.... but before we get to the juicy bits, we all need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves!!

Your negative, limiting beliefs, your focus on what you dont want, instead of what you do want, You focussing/dwelling on what or who made you mad, your victim mentality,

is the very reason why you are not only blocking your hopes and dreams but also the reason why you are attracting MORE of it!!!

(whether you believe it or not is irrelevant)

Energy Flows where Energy goes!

Negative brings more negative, fear brings more fear, lack brings more lack etc etc.

It doesn't matter if you believe this or not.

Throughout my help guides you have constantly listened to me referring to everything being energy, You crystals, the world and your thoughts are no different. 

FUN FACT: Your brain doesn't have the capacity to separate thought from fiction to reality, truth or lie, if your operating from a place of lack and fear your brain will be constantly telling your body and nervous system that it needs to operate in fight or flight, power down for protection and energy harvesting. It will always go by what you focus on the most! whether your doing that consciously or unconsciously, You ARE a creator, you are electromagnetic, you are a vibrational, energetic being, and you have a frequency, your a consciousness. 

It only takes between 300-500 repetitions for your brain to reprogram from a lack mindset into a abundant mindset. No one wants to convince themselves that they are living in lack do they??

We are ALL guilty of telling ourselves story's (and I use the word "story's" deliberately because that's exactly what they are, story's!) Things we told ourselves so many times during our life time that we have actually convinced our mind that they are factual and true!!

"Im not good enough, Im not strong enough, Im not worthy, That would never happen to me, I always attract dead beat men, why does it always happen TO me, I never catch a break, I cant do it because of this, and this, and this!!".....LACK, LACK, LACK, LACK, LACK!!! 

When you tell yourself this, your brain takes that information and computes it as truth because it doesn't know the difference. Deep, deep down, we know it isn't truth, its a story we have told our self or a family member has told us, or friend has told us because of their own personal thought process of lack, self limiting thoughts and past trauma. Childhood trauma is also another huge factor! (we all have it! even those that insist they don't, WILL have childhood trauma! this is another topic where i can discuss self healing in more detail at a later date if enough people would like me to do so), but each one of these are factors that will contribute to your every thought on life and how you see the world.

Some of you, by now, may be thinking, whats this got to do with manifestation? Just get to the good stuff already!!.... well, buttercup, Im here to tell you, it has everything to do with manifestation!, and if you think that you can operate from a place of lack, fear, victimhood or negativity, and still manifest? then you are hugely mistaken! and if we are going to do this, we are going to do it in the most raw, authentic way, humanly possible! 

When your having a bad morning, you are then more then likely going tell yourself and convince yourself that your going to have/or are having a bad day.

But what if we started to say "why is this happening FOR me" instead of "Why is this happening TO me"? What is the lesson, what is the take home and bank from this?

You can literally pull a positive out of ANY situation regardless to whether, in that moment, you deem it to be negative.

lets say for example that you got up late, it was raining, absolutely tipping it down, you missed your bus which made you late for work and when you finally got into work, your first customer was so so rude and now your a funky furious mess! could your day get any worse?

.....the answer to that question is yes, it could, could make it better!

lets pull this apart and pick out some positives.

it was raining, great the trees, soil, plants, flowers, wildlife all got to replenish and rehydrate.

you missed your bus, great that meant, for once you could actually take a pew for once instead of looking like a balancing trapeze in high heels on a packed out sweaty bus.

that rude customer? they were having a really bad day, in their world, a even worse day then you were. you know that saying "there's always someone, somewhere, worse off"?? What did they teach you in that moment? how not to ever talk to staff as a customer? what it actually feels like to be on the receiving end of someone having a bad day? how not to act or project your stuff on to others?

Don't focus on the s.h.i.t, focus on the flowers!!

My point being is, we all need to take accountability for our thoughts and our energy.

if you wake up every day to a job you hate, and every morning the first thing you tell yourself as soon as you open your eyelids, is erghhhh i  hate getting up to go to work in this job every morning. Do you think your going to have a great day or a bad day?

If anyone or a stranger walking past ever says to me..."ergh the weather is awful isn't it!" or "what a disgusting day" (and I don't know about you but this happens on the regular here in the UK).....I never agree! I used too! I used to be that person said "i know its horrid isn't it!"....I don't say that anymore, I always, Always, respond by saying..."well at least the trees are getting watered"

What if you woke up and told yourself, "up and at um!" right now this is paying my bills (positive), and right now this is putting a roof over my head (positive), right now this is allowing me to eat a hot home made meal every day (positive). Some people don't have that luxury and I am GRATEFUL for that!  All these changes are small but will have a HUGE impact on slowly changing your mind set.

I read somewhere before in a text and it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I now tell myself this every day.....

Someone, Somewhere is dreaming and trying to manifest the very life you currently have! 

How powerful is that statement! Makes you take a massive sip of grateful juice doesn't it?!!?

Please dont think for one minute that im saying you have to be all love and light 100% of the time, all the time, because that really isnt that case, think 70/30, try to be grateful and positive and happy for 70% of the time and allow yourself "off days" or weeks for the 30% of the time. and please dont beat yourself up if that goes out of whack and your having a bad week or month, its ok! we all do!!! allow yourself time and then get b ack on the horse and go again.

just believe it, feel it, see it.

every morning or evening what are grateful for? list it in your head or out loud.

I do my "grateful statement" every evening when i get in bed before i fall to sleep.....

I am grateful for my children.

I am grateful for my husband.

I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful for my home.

I am grateful for my business.

I am grateful for my life.

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful for my car.

I am grateful for my abundance.

Lets stop thinking about the things we lack and start thinking about/focussing on things we have in abundance and what we are grateful for.

So....if you are someone that doesn't do affirmations and/or constantly starts from a negative place instead of trying to source out the positives, then you need to start with focussing on changing that first, trust me, it will change your life! and those little changes that you make every day will make a massive difference and you will start to notice big changes in your life just by making or changing those small things!

Once you have got into the habit of repetition, you will do this every day without even thinking about it! It will be as routine as making your morning gogo juice!


The Magic Of Manifestation And How To Start.

Incorporating Manifestation into your daily/weekly/monthly routine.


Ok so your ready to actually manifest like a queen!!! 

Where do you start? I would personally suggest doing a meditation first, find a quiet space, get your crystals out, your music on.

(if you meditate with music, its not essential)

settle down and feel into it. 


The sky is literally the limit on this, do not lower your expectations on this. The possibilities are limitless!

What do you want? Its actually a REALLY difficult question! Meditate on it! And please know there is urgency or rush for this section. It can take a while to figure it out and that's ok! Feel into fully and add to it as much as you want to!!


Once you have meditated and had some visions and thoughts of what you actually want, grab a pen and put it to paper, journal. 



Get your magazines, internet search engine, printer, scissors, glue and pin board/canvas at the ready!! That's right girls, get ready, we are going manifest like a MF!! 

This manifestation board will need to go somewhere where you will see it every day!, multiple times a day!

Get ready to cut your head off a photo and stick that bad boy on that magazine picture so you can visually see that its you and not that actress in the photo!

Also its really important to set up a mood board on your phone and screen saver, so you see that every time you pick your phone up!

You want to eat, drink, sleep this shizzle every day!!

EXTRA TIP: Print off the blank manifestation check pdf its available for free

(link at bottom of the page), fill it out, addressed to you and the amount you are bringing in. Stick it on your mood board and i would also print out an additional one to put in your purse or bag.


I am abundant, I am able, I am successful, I am strong, I am resilient, I am a money magnet, I am happy, I am grateful.  I am calling in unlimited amounts of abundance, I welcome in....I am a money magnet. Money flows to me easily and freely.


visualise it, live it like its already happened. How does it make you feel?

Thank the universe for it already! I am grateful that i got the opportunity to go to Florida with my children, thank you for that dream opportunity.

Bank it, Lock it and leave it!!

The rest  is upto the universe to deliver!


The Secret, The Magic, The Power, Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King, Just F*cking do it by Noor Hibbert.

Rich as fuck, Get rich lucky bitch.

The Law of attraction.


Music is a pivotal part of this workshop! Set up a playlist on your Spotify. What music makes you feel super happy, upbeat and like your on top of the world? Music again is energetic and has a frequency and will also massively help with your manifestation journey!


Citrine, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Green Jade, Pyrite, Malachite, Peridot, Clear Quartz, Carnelian.


Do a monthly New Moon manifestation crystal grid. Use crystals that can help to bring in all that abundance, Cleanse the area and crystals, write down all the things you are calling in and place the paper under the crystal grid. Leave the grid there for 1 month. And see what has manifestated during that 30 day period, you will be shocked at the results.



Lets speak some hard truths here too, if you think that you can manifest £50,000 in one month, lets be realistic, you may or may not have £50,000 magically drop into your bank account out from no where. The key here is that you have to also be in a place of being open to receive the signs and clues to get you to that kind of money.

For example you could see an ad for a job that has a £50,000 wage, or you could see repeating signs on social media or while on the bus on a advert about a passion you have that you haven't tapped into yet? could there be signs around guiding you on how you could manifest this money into your reality? have you always wanted to start your business but didnt know where to start and then out of no where, completely out of the blue you notice a free course that is running explaining exactly what you needed to do to set up that dream business up?  Or you come into contact with someone and randomly have a conversation about how they can link you up or know someone that can help you get started on your set up? THAT is also the universe guiding you and giving you opportunities, a base line on where to start so foundations are placed on your lap to actually manifest that £50,000. You have to be totally open and receptive to receiving these signs as your manifestations will not necessarily be provided by the universe in the way your ego wants or planned!

Everything happens divine timing!! If your open to these signs and breadcrumbs you could easily miss golden opportunities and timelines.

Also know that if your idea of a dream life isn't manifestating into reality you can bet your bottom dollar that your aiming too low! and the universe has better plans for you!!

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