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All Things Instagram

Instagram Handle: @Emimoon_Crystals

In this section you will find everything related to social media, in particular Instagram!

You will find lots of details on our Instagram page, so if you haven't already, give us a follow for daily and weekly updates.

Once or Twice a month we hold Instagram live sales, this gives you the opportunity to view crystals in real time and also get access to preview any new collections before they hit the website! 

Here I will also explain how our live sales work on Instagram and how or when to join.

You will also find on this section your live sale claims listings, these are items you have purchased during the live sale that are now ready for you to check out with. You can also add any "add on's" on the website into your basket!

just click on the "Instagram Live Sales" menu bar, where you will see a drop down bar listing all the information you need to know to help you get started!

Our Instagram Handle:


We have been live on Instagram for a little under two years now, and I have recently reached 2k followers (completely organically) Which I am really proud, and excited about!!

Day by day, week by week, we have been slowly building the most incredible friendships and connections with our customers and a large chunk of them I personally now consider as my friends!

I'm not here just to sell crystals, I know that because it resonates so clearly in me, crystals are the gate way connection, I wanted to build a repour with my customers, someone they can trust, someone that they connect with, to confide in, seek answers to questions they have, a safe place for open discussion, and I'm forever grateful that I am achieving those kind of relationships/connections every day!

Instagram has made all of this possible, where, no matter where you are in the uk (or around the world for that matter) we can all unite, in a safe space and share our passions together!

At least once a month, we all join together on a Instagram live, where we not only get to see and purchase some beautiful crystals, but also catch up and check in with each other over a glass of wine or two.

There will never be any obligation to purchase, so if this appeals to you, please head over to Instagram, follow/like our page so you can be notified of when one of our lives take place! we'd love to see you there!!

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