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Live Sale Rules

Everything You Need To Know About Live Sales and How They Work.

Live Sale Rules

How it works:

When you join the live sale, I will give a short introduction and a table scan on camera of which crystals will be available that evening.

How to claim:

Live sales generally last between 3 to 4 hours.

I will hold each individual crystal  the crystal to show case it, I will explain the crystal and its properties to everyone. On each crystal I show will be a sticker with some numbers and a letter, the numbers shown are the price in UK British Pounds, So if the sticker said "20" the price would be £20.00, the letter is for my reference so I can differentiate each crystal once claimed.

To claim a crystal your need to type and send the number price and the code, some people like to add an emoji or type "claim".

For example, if you saw a crystal that called you, and you wanted to purchase it, you would type and send 

"claim 40E".

The first person I see on my own live feed screen will win said crystal.

(if your new to live sales please be aware that Instagram likes to place your own comment above others, even if it came in later and others claimed before you. Unfortunately this is due to the algorithm. 

To make it fair the person that comes up first on my screen will win the claim, this is the fairest way to do it.)

Payment: Payment is always due within 24 hours of receiving your invoice, if it isn't possible for you to make payment within 24 hours then we kindly ask that you do not claim on the live sale, as it isn't fair to others that may have wanted to claim the same crystal. We can not hold items.

We do not do "put backs or swaps" after the sale has finished so please ensure you claim responsibly.


Postage is £4.00 for up to 2kg of weight within the UK.

Postage will be £8.00 for 2kg - 5kg within the UK.

All packages are sent via Royal Mail Recorded/Sign for Postage.

If you require a quicker deliver option such as 24 hour or 48 hour then please let us know as soon as possible and we are more then happy to process this for you.

We do ship worldwide. Please note that postage for international orders and claims will be calculated upon the total weight so please bare this in mind when claiming on live sales.

generally speaking international postage starts from £18.00.

Notification Reminders: 

Whenever we are scheduled to have a live sale I will always pop a live sale notification reminder on my story feed.

This is a small box that has a count down box with the date and time of the crystal sale. If you click on the small arrow within the count down box, Instagram will automatically send you a notification reminder when we go live! 

This is really handy and acts like an alarm so you don't miss out!!


Our live sales are open everyone, whether your completely new to the crystal world or whether your a regular, the only thing we ask is that your respectful and kind to others! We are all a family and welcome everyone with open arms.

Live sales are the perfect opportunity to grab a glass of wine and chill out with like minded people all over the world, that all have the love of crystals in common. its a safe space with no obligation to buy.

Make sure you pop by and say hi!

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