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Crystals Explained

There's So Much in Store

Everything you need to know about the beautiful world of gemstones and minerals.

Your guide to understanding the Healing benefits of crystals, the science behind them, and how to pick a crystal that's perfect for you, your home.

Come on a journey with us.....

Crystals Explained: Welcome

From The Beginning

How do crystals work?

Crystals have been around since the beginning of time and are found all over the world.

They are the ultimate gift from earth, a naturally occurring Mineral that is formed under pressure, from natures elements, over a period of thousands/millions of years.

Crystals have been used to create a crystalline Environment for decades. Dating back as far as, the time of Atlantis.

Other Civilisations such as the Egyptians, the pharaohs, the Greeks, the Chinese,  the royals (just to name a few) all of who used crystals in many different ways, from enhancing their health, transforming and enhancing their energy, wearing crystals, to even soldiers and sailors using them before going into battle.


Did you know that Crystals have been used for an abundance of every day items that you actually use today. Your Tv is made with Clear Quartz, Your eye shadow with Mica, Depression and anxiety tablets with Lithium which is found in the lepidolite Mica crystal.

So how can crystals help you?

Well everything is energy, including you! Connecting to crystals is said to have an abundance of benefits, such as Healing you, or transforming your energy to help guide you through every day life and achieving your long term goals, they give energy enhancement, and can balance your chakras from the inside, out.

{we will get to chakras shortly!}

Crystals help to raise your vibrational energy and in my own opinion should be an essential in everyone's life and home. They should be taught about in schools and children should be educated on the organic benefits of integrating crystals into their life's!


Each crystal carries a unique property to help you attract and promote these energy's to help aid and assist a particular life event or feeling. They can bring in healing, Protection, Love, Calm, Manifestation, encouragement, confidence, drive, help rid old negative thought patterns, energise, and uplift just to name a few!

Crystals are magical and genuinely help to heal and realign your energetic aura.

Crystals are here to help us along in this great journey called life.

The Whole story of crystals is not a religion and therefore does not have a "one size fits all" There is so much information out there regarding these beautiful minerals, it seem a daunting task trying to find out information on what to do and where to start with them. With this is mind, please be true to yourself, always stick with whatever resonates with you in your soul! There is no right, and no wrong when it comes to crystals. If it doesn't resonate, don't retain it, if does, then fill your socks!

Some people like to know the crystals properties before they purchase, this is to see if the person resonates with the particular properties of said crystal.


For example, Rose Quartz is said to help heal heartache, bring in forgiveness and trust, to find love again. So if someone was going through a period of grief or heart break, they would choose Rose Quartz, because its properties are aligned with their current situation. Whereas some people prefer to intuitively pick their crystals, trusting thier intuition to chose whichever crystal they feel instantly connected to or drawn to visually, later to find out the properties did align and resonate with them at that time. They do say that in fact, the crystal choses you!

Or you could be someone that just likes the appearance of crystals and prefer to just display them in your home.

whichever way you chose to pick your crystals, it is always the right way for you!

As "your" Journey continues with crystals you will find your own personal way of selecting what is unique to you, so try not to get bogged down with all the formalities, Selecting your crystals should be a special and pleasurable experience for you every time!

Your go to guide for all things crystals!

In this section you will be able to locate a wide array of information and go to guides for all things relating to crystals! From how to cleanse and charge your new crystals, how to make moon water, to setting up a wealth corner or crystal grid in your home. Whatever information your seeking, your be sure to find it here!

just select a guide on the drop down menu for more information now!

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