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Crystal Placements In Your Home.

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Every wondered if your crystal was better placed in the bedroom or Livingroom?

In this section I advise where to place your crystals around your home to optimise the environment and make that energy flourish!

(Please note that the majority of crystals can be placed anywhere and there is no rules, this isn't a scorning or a.....

"You must ONLY place your black tourmaline at your front door!" regimented vibe!!

This post is just a light hearted extension of where you "CAN" place your crystals in your home if you "WANT" to optimise the energy. NO RULES REMEMBER!

So "If" crystal placement around the home interests you please read on.


Black Tourmaline: For your Front Door for protection. I always joke and say....

"Please walk past my tourmaline before you enter"

whenever I greet friends/family/or guests into my home and there is a reason for this!! Black Tourmaline is cleansing, but also a protective stone. It helps purify and cleanse any unwanted negative energy that isn't yours. The last thing you want is to allow negative energy into your home and space that isn't yours!


Selenite: Placing Selenite on your window seals on all four corners of the inner perimeter of you home activates like a giant crystal grid of protection for your whole home, its also extremely cleansing.

This can be done with Selenite bars, logs, tumbles or pyramids.


Amethyst: This one is great for creating a relaxing space, clears negative energy, brings positive energy into the space. 

Fluorite: helps bring balance and sort through stress that's fogs the mind having it in the living brings grounded positive energy's into that space.#

White Quartz Geode: These are also a great crystal to have in a social space, as they bring in purifying energy's that protect and cleanse, this is great to have as well as they can amplify other crystals near by. Also a great advantage of the white quartz geode is that you get a lot of bang for your buck! so you can afford a larger statement piece to showcase in your home.


Pink Halite: Purifying

Carnelian:  This crystal delivers confidence, and help to boost your creativity, it will stimulate your motivation and increase your stamina, creativity and passion. This makes it a great crystal to team in the kitchen when you are cooking for the family to usher in creativity when making meals! 

Rose Quartz: The Crystal of love and togetherness, a great crystal to place on the dinner table it will help with complimentary energy's that are present during dinner time conversations.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz has energy that is pure and clean, It will help usher in positive vibes to create the perfect environment for family meals.



Rose Quartz: Of course Rose Quartz is made for the Bedroom!! wink wink!!! 

Rose Quartz is heart centred and based around all thing related the heart so it makes perfect sense to have some in the bedroom! Forgiveness, Love, Passion, Understanding and trust! All these things are important when in intimate relationships, so for me, rose quartz is an absolute MUST for the bedroom!




Clear Quartz: We spend time in the bathroom to generally wash away all the dirt and grime from our bodys, clear quartz is the ultimate cleanser so why not go for a double whammy and while you cleanse your physical, you can also cleanse your internal with clear quartz placed in the bath room. 

Rose Quartz: for all those relaxing vibes, a calming crystal that will wash away all the stress. Usher in self love and just make you feel like your wrapped in a loving hug!


Amethyst: Ushers in assistance and helps with sleep and nightmares. amethyst also Clears negative energy bring a relaxing and rejuvenating space.

Celestite: Calming and soothing, protective helps sleep.

Blue Lace Agate: Brings tranquil energy's that can de-stress and help with anxiety and grounding.

Smoky Quartz: Ideal for protection, Smokey quartz acts as the crystal version of a human body guard. It will stabilize and absorb any unwanted or overactive energy within your child.


Rainbow Fluorite: Rainbow Fluorite is a fantastic crystal to have present in a study room. This is because it helps you absorb and retain information better.


Rainbow Fluorite: Again Rainbow Fluorite is a fantastic crystal to have present in a office, it helps you absorb and retain information better. This makes it a perfect office crystal or any job/education that needs focus and drive.

Shungite: Is great because it helps to absorb any EMF smog. If your around and exposed to computers or wifi for long period of time, this crystal is great for protecting you from these elements

Pyrite: Keep Pyrite in your office If your wanting to manifest success in your office environment! It will bring in ideas, opportunities and confidence within this space and help you to manifest abundance.

Citrine: To bring in all those abundant vibes. Generally speaking we are in a office environment for work related reasons, so Citrine is ideal to work with you here. 

Products Available

For your ease , below I have created a special product section catalogue with all the crystals available to buy, which have been mentioned/Recommended above.