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Image by Patrick Schneider

Setting Your Intensions With Your Crystals and What it Means.


Setting your intensions

This section explains how to set your intensions and programme your crystals.

Once your crystal is cleansed you are then ready to set your intensions into it.

Intension setting is a powerful practice that can help you live a happier life when working with your crystals.

Setting your intension into your crystal, in simple terms, is when you program your crystal to assist you in achieving a particular desire or outcome, it allows you to connect energetically with them. 

Crystal energy helps to amplify your intensions, making them a magical tool to have in your self love kit.

To set any intension to your crystal just follow these easy steps.

Hold your crystal to your heart.

Take some deep breathes to try and tune into the energy of it.

When you feel ready, say out loud (or in your head) what you would like the crystal to assist you with at this time.

for example: "I am working with this crystal to help me achieve/bring in/manifest/support........."

Repeat this three times to affirm it.

Other methods can be used to set intensions with your crystals, such as:

Meditation: Some people like to meditate with their new crystals and find that they can really feel/tune into what they need assistance with during meditation, this method is just as effective.

Writing it down: Another method people like to use, would be to write down your intensions and then placing your crystal on top of the paper to intensify the intension.

Or you could simply allow the crystal free reign to decide on what to work on, This would mean that the crystal would focus on whichever area within you, needed the most assistance. After all that's what they specialise in!

Which ever method you choose to use, don't make it a chore, this is supposed to be a pleasurable practice for you to enjoy. if it doesn't resonate with you then don't force it, you will guided to seek more information as and when you need it. Most people find, as time passes they naturally seek more advanced ways of working with crystals.

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