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Crystal Formations and Shapes

Discover the energy of crystal formations

In this section we explain the energies of different crystal formations and shapes.

Did you know that, just like crystals themselves, shapes and formations also have added meaning and energy personal to them.

Have you ever wondered what the skull and sphere shape crystal formation represents?

If you would like to learn about what different shape formations can do to help assist your healing crystal journey then this is the section for you!


Crystals in the formation of a tower or Point Amplify and charge energy in a upwards and outwards motion. These shapes help to concentrate and direct energy via the tip of the point, directing and concentrating the energy flow. This shape is great for using as manifestation and meditation tool.


Spheres have a scrying, soft and even energy that emits all around the formation. Spheres help to promote stability and harmony.


Skulls are known to be connected accent legends, allowing you to access hidden ancient ancestral knowledge. They are an activation formation that integrate sacred geometry. They can help boost psychic powers.


The obelisk formation is said to bring in strength, protection and security. Being able to access ancient wisdom, it acts as an antennae to direct divine energies through the tip.


Geodes bring a grounding and internal healing energy. They have a high vibrational energy due to all the points and clusters within the formation. Geodes are highly protective and have a calming effect.

Tumble stones:

Tumble stone formations Radiate a gentle and constant energy in all directions. This shapes are very handy to carry around due to the size. Many people place either in a pocket, bra, handbag or purse.


Rough/Raw Formations emit a strong, pure, sporadic, spontaneous unfiltered energy. They help to bring in grounding energy's and abilities.


Pyramids are an amazing shape/tool to use during a time of Manifestation, it removes blockages and transmit direct and focused energy upwards and side ways via the tips of the corners.


It really no surprise that the heart formation bring with it a energy of unconditional love and peace. These formations represent all things related to the heart.


Wand shapes are healing tools, they transmit positive energy upwards and outwards through the tip and draws out negative energy from the bottom. Great tools to use to usher in healing and to balance the chakras.


Egg formations symbolise Fertility and new experiences. They have balancing and healing energies.

DT (Double Terminated):

Double terminated formations Absorb and emit energy. They can transform negative energy. Drawing energy in and out via the two tips.

Palm Stone:

Palm stone crystals have an incredible Calming, grounding and healing energy. They are smooth and palm sized to be used as a comfort and distraction tool to usher in gentle, steady, Grounding energies.

Worry stone:

Worry stones, much the same as palm stones but smaller in size, also include a indentation to message in times of need, discomfort or distress, They bring in Grounding and healing energies.


Cluster formation emit high energy vibrations in different directions from each termination, they can be used for cleansing and charging and can help to raise the ambience of a space.

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