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About Our Handmade Crystal Infused Candles.

Our Candle Making Process.

A Introduction On Our Candle Making Process.

Here at Emimoon Crystals all of our candles are handmade, by myself, with the purest and most natural ingredients and fragrances.

I started candle making myself because I found it so hard to source Natural, vegan, paraben free/non toxic candles.

I wanted to create candles that were not only divine to smell, but also safe for our bodies, space and environment.

As time went on, we got better at our candle craft!

We use toxin and paraben free soy wax, and a blend of 100% natural, and organic essential oil fragrant scents.

I wanted to combine my love for crystals with my candle making and my bath salts elixir, for the ultimate mix of ethically sourced, vegan friendly, toxic free, and natural candles. A luxury but at an affordable price! My candles are also fantastic to use for your manifestation rituals or when setting your intensions during the full/new moon.


Essential Oil Scent Requests.

Here at Emimoon Crystals we are constantly looking for ways to expand our small business.

With that being said, If you have a Fragrance request for our candles that you'd like us to try, please contact us!

We are always looking for new ideas and improvements for the brand.

You can find a selection of candles on our "SHOP" menu button.

Alternatively scroll down so a quick look of a small/partial selection of what we currently have available.

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