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Cleansing and Charging You, Your Crystals and Your Space


So, I've finally chosen my what?

A guide on what to do with your new beauty!

So you finally receive your new crystal, What now you ask?

If your just using your new crystal baby to look pretty in your new home and your not interested in all the other information regarding cleansing, charging and setting your intensions, then this article is not for, however you may want to read the "crystal placements in your home" article.


If Cleansing, charging and setting intensions with your crystals "is" your jam, if your looking to connect more deeply and would like to know more information on this then please do take some time to read on.

I would like to start by again stating that this process is, by no means

"a must or your crystals will not work"

I mean, who do we think we are making up these rules for a mineral that has been around for millennial right?

However, that being said, There are some tips on Cleansing, Charging and setting intensions that I have personally researched and used in practices myself, that can help you work with your new crystals so you gain their full potential. Many people will have different opinions on this matter, my way, may not be the right way for you, and that's ok! again take what resonates with you personally and run with that!

I always smoke cleanse your new babes before I send them to you, this ensures you receive them energetically clean of my surroundings 


So as we explained earlier, your crystal is made up from energy and as it has made its journey to you, it has picked up a lot of energy!....that angry postman that's in the dog house with his wife for not taking the bin out????..... yep that's right, your crystal has now soaked up all that angry energy  from postman pat just like sponge bob square pants!!

We don't want that effecting your persons or space do we?!

I'm going to explain and give you a run down on how to cleanse your crystals once you have received them.

Cleansing your crystals, in simple terms is like rebooting your computer, it resets the energy so its fresh, new and running smoothly again!

This can be done in a number of ways. This is where you may seem a bit overwhelmed if you haven't looked into this at all so I'm going to try and keep it as simple as possible, again please only take what resonates with you!

Smoke Cleanse: This can be done with incense, ethically sourced sage, palo santo sacred wood, or incense cones.

Light your chosen smoke cleanse tool, while holding your crystal allow the smoke to plume around it, now imagine all that energy that its collected to disappear! this only needs to be done for a minute.

(we have a selection of smoke cleansing tools in our shop, so be sure to head over and have a look if you'd like some options on what to purchase)

The low down on each cleansing tool:


Sage smoke cleansing will completely reset the energy.

(Again much like the on/off button on your computer} it can be used on your crystals, your home, and your persons.

Be sure to open any windows while smoke cleansing as this allows ventilation and also for all the bad energy to leave.

All our Sage products are ethically sourced, Sage is gathered and collected by Native Americans in the state of California.

Please note if your new to smoke cleansing, sage does have a strong aroma! it has been linked to smelling like cannabis and can be very overwhelming for any newbies in the room. Please take this into consideration when purchasing.

Palo Santo Sacred Wood:

Palo (or pablo as like to call it!} is another type of smoke cleanse. its derived on coastal areas of South America. Palo Santo is an enchanting tree that grows there. It is related to Copal, Myrrh, and Frankincense. Palo Santo literally means "Holy Wood". Shamans and healers traditionally burn it for its energetic purification and healing attributes much like sage. When burnt, it produces an enriching aroma which increases you/and your crystals personal vibration and gives you a more profound connection to your being. Palo Santo will rid any negative energy that is looming around, however it will keep all the loving positive vibes in tact, so unlike sage this is not a full energy reset! It leaves a very pleasant and lasting minty aroma in your space. The sticks last a long time and like sage only need to be burnt for a short time to leave a wonderful scent behind. Our suppliers are ethical, fair trade, and sustainable.


Some people like to use water to cleanse their crystals, this can be done by holding your crystal under a tap, leaving it in a bowl of water, or even better a dipping it into a fresh water stream or the sea for a minute or so.

This is great way to cleanse, however if your new to crystals its very important to know that certain types can NOT be placed in water, this is due to the hardness of them on the moth scale. Some crystals will crack, break or even disintegrate if placed in water, so make sure to do your research before plunging your new babes in for a bath! At the end of this section I have also listed some crystals that CAN NOT be placed into water for your ease.


Some people like the simplicity of placing crystals in a bowl of rice. The theory to this method, is that the rice soaks up all the energy (just like it does with water), resetting the crystal back to its former state. This can be done over night but make sure to dispose of the rice after the cleanse.


Selenite is another crystal that is said to cleanse your collection. This is said to be one of the magical properties of selenite. Selenite comes in many forms and probably one of the most popular formations would be a bowl or plate. However due to the properties of selenite and the energy it emits, any formation would work just fine! Just place your crystals in the selenite bowl/plate or around the crystal and it will according to some, do the job for you.

Incense Cones/Sticks:

Incense is another great smoke cleanse. The same as Palo Santo or Sage, hold your crystal and allow the smoke from the incense to plume around your crystals.

Sun and Moon and Earth Bath:

Some people like to cleanse and charge their crystals via a sun, moon or earth bath. this allows mother nature to take care of things. Please bare in mind though for over night moon bathes, is it due to rain? (be sure to check your crystal and whether it can get wet, the weather in the UK is so unpredictable so you can never be too careful!) For sun bathes, some crystals do fade in sunlight, So again, always be sure to check first. 

And breathe!!!...... So there you have it! Your basic guide on how to cleanse your crystals using different methods!

If you do have any questions at all regarding any of the information above, then please do get in touch, I'm here to help you all and I'm more than happy to answer any niggling questions you may have.

next up........

How to set your intensions.